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The Kosher Certification Process

We will explain in every day language, the meaning of kosher and how your business can meet those kosher requirements. We adhere to the highest-levels of Kosher observance. Because we are located on the west coast, in Northern California, near most of our clients, our service is much more affordable. We pride ourselves on a balanced process that never compromises on our values or yours.

About ORC Kosher

Rabbi Jacob Traub and ORC Kosher have been serving the Kosher needs of hundreds of local, national, and international clients for more than five decades. We pride ourselves on being responsive, affordable, and a working partner for our clients’ success and growth. Hundreds of companies and thousands of products - from walnuts, rice, flour and romaine lettuce - have been certified under the ORC Kosher name.

"As a chief operations manager at a nationally recognized walnut processing plant in central California, I have a lot on my plate. That’s why Rabbi Traub and the ORC have been so delightful to work with over the years. They take care of making sure everything is kosher so I can make sure everything is running like it should. Their personal touch and vast kosher knowledge make me confident that our product is the highest quality of kosher and able to reach many more customers."

Allan Bronzini
Food Manufacturer

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