How to achieve Kosher Certified?

It’s not as difficult as you may think, there are a just a few easy steps

Call Us! 415-564-6769 tell us about your product, processes, and ingredients (if any) used in manufacturing of your product(s). Let’s spend a few minutes together and assess if Kosher Certification is achievable

If we see a path forward towards Kosher Certification, we will offer a detailed quote.

We create a proposal setting out what it will take to get your ORC Kosher Certification set up and managed and what the cost will be. 

A Memo of Understanding detailing both our responsibilities will be forthcoming.

Once the understanding is reviewed and agreed upon we move forward with certification, and provide you with an official ORC Kosher certificate of compliance to be displayed, provided to your customers, and used in your packaging and marketing materials.

Because we are located on the West Coast – in Northern California – these steps can be met efficiently and timely, with little or no wasted time.

After The Kosher Certification is Issued...

Random Inspections

We conduct regular audits and inspections to ensure top-notch Kosher compliance, and to address any concerns you may have.

Certification Renewal

The official ORC Kosher documentation must be kept up to date to ensure highest of kosher standards.


We will check in to ensure there are no changes in ingredients or the manufacturing process that could affect the Kosher status of the products.